Welcome to marymarycrafts. A website inspired to teach others to create. “Do as I do and you can make it too!’’ Here with Mary, learn to think “Outside the Box” by taking ordinary objects and transforming them into something special. Learn to identify items, which you may otherwise throw out, and reshape them into wonderful gifts, decorations, or altered projects. Mary can help you explore your imagination, using your excess craft supplies in a whole new way. You will be inspired to create gifts for friends and family, make decorations for that special occasion, or just a simple little something for the person you love. Mary has been crafting all her life. She started when she was young, way before crafting was considered cool. She has created many things over the years. Many of these items were best sellers at her boutique. She moved away and has had many people ask to see what she is making now. So this is how this website came about. Having taught classes over the years, now anyone can join in and make something new. If you enjoy your visit here, please tell your friends and come back soon. Thank You for stopping by.

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