Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tool Box Gift Card Holder

Designed by Mary Pfaff
 Tool Box Gift Card Holder

Tool Box Gift Card Holder ~ MTK-DC-1066 Tool Box with Tray
My Treasured Kutz ~ MTK-CK-4091 "Honey Do" Tools Die
The Paper Company ~ Black Shimmer Card Stock
Tiny Silver Brads


Cut Tool Box Gift Card Holder file from card stock.  Sand.

Tool Box Base:  Shown on top left.  Fold at perforations, bringing small rectangle with flaps inward.  This creates inside tray.  First adhere small side flaps on underneath part, to outside large flap, on each side.  This creates the bottom.  Now adhere folded strips of attached small rectangle on top, to base.  Line up with top edge.  This is the inside tray.
Tool Box Lid:  Shown on top right.  Adhere small side flaps to outside large flap, on each end of small rectangle.  This creates the lid.

Take long strip, shown at bottom, fold at perforations.  Adhere to front & sides of inside tray.  Placing angle corners of strip, up, in back corner of tray.  This allows lid to close smoothly.

Punch tiny holes where you want handle, latch, and hinges to go.  Attach using tiny brads.
Adhere the tiny strip, for bottom of latch, to base.

Add gift card to inside tray of Tool Box with removable tape.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Screen Door Card

A "New" creation!
I am finally all caught up on things and started creating digital cut files again.
Today's design is my "Screen Door Card"
You can get yours @ My Treasured Kutz
along with the flowers and foliage I used.
Remember to check back often as I will be adding new digital designs.
Thank you so much for stopping by.