Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Convert Studio to SVG

by  Mary Pfaff


In the following tutorial, I will show you how to convert your saved designs in Silhouette Studio into a SVG file outside of Silhouette Studio.  You will only be able to save closed designs.  Meaning all drawings must intersect together to make one complete line.  This will allow for the design to be filled with black and/or white.  The reason for filling with black and white is so when it is converted to SVG (vector) in Inscape, it can decipher the lines.  At this time, this process does not convert perforated lines.  They must be added in later.  

In Silhouette Studio open View, then un-check “Show Grid.”
This allows for white background.

Open the design you want to convert in Silhouette Studio.  Select Image.
If you have a “Multiple Cut Line Image,” as I do, follow this step.  (If not, skip this step)
(Only solid images can be converted)
      In left hand bottom corner click on “Ungroup,” then click on mat.
(So the box around image in gone)

Select “Inner Image” and drag to right.  (Not necessary for “Single Cut Line Image”)

On top bar, click on “Paint Bucket.” This will bring up “Fill Color” screen.
Select “Outer Image,” (or single image) and choose black.
Select  “Colored Lines” in top bar.  Choose clear.  (This will make outer lines clear)

Select ”Inner Image,” and drag off art board to grey area.
(This will allow you to see image when color is changed)
Fill “Inner Image” with white and make outer lines clear.
(Not necessary for “Single Cut Line Image”)

Select “Inner Image” and drag onto top of “Outer Image.”
Deselect. (Click mat to remove box around image)
Now select both images together.
Select “Group.” (bottom left corner)
On top bar, select “Cut Settings.”  Make sure “No Cut” is selected.

Now go to: File, then Print
(We will not actually print it)

When printer box appears, select “PDF”, then “Save as PDF.”

In the new drop down box, choose where you want it.  I use “Desktop” for this step.

Now you need “Inkscape.”  (Free software download)

Open “Inkscape.”  Select “File”, then “Import,” then the file you want and select “Open.”

A drop down box will appear with your image.  Select O.K.

Select your image.  (Arrows will appear around image)
Move image into box (art board) on screen.

Select “Edit,” then “Make A Bitmap Copy” (Alt + B on keyboard)

Now move your “Bitmap Copy” over to left.  Select “Original Image” and delete it.
Select “Bitmap Copy” again and move inside art board.  (box)
While image is still selected:  Select “View,” then “Display Mode,” then “Outline.”

The image should now be covered with an X.
Select “Path,” then “Trace Bitmap,” (shift + Alt + B).

In drop down box select “Update,” then “O.K.”
You will need to close drop down box now.

Last step is to save image as a SVG.


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